Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just call me "Cool Hand Luke?"

Yes my new nickname from my new Barn Owner. No it's not because I'm an excellent gambler or a notorious outlaw. It's because my horse likes it when I clean his sheath. There I said it. Icky I know, but I had to do it the other day as it was swollen....turns out it was just a reaction to the new Dynamite products we switched to and cleaning wasn't even necessary. Either way, Thunder showed his appreciation by falling asleep in the process and lifting his tail and butt to the sky. Now mind you when the Barn Owner tried to get near, he tempted to kick her...didn't but was a pretty nasty threat. Well, it doesn't bug me to clean it really, it's necessary with a gelding and he might as well be one of my children (I don't have any)....with me not being grossed out by cleaning it, and him "enjoying it?", I guess this is what it amounts to: Just call me Cool Hand Luke. Guess I won't live that one down.


LadyC said...

LOL! Thank goodness I have mares!! :)

Eaferg said...

Hahaha. This made me laugh! I've never had a gelding LIKE the cleaning, good job! :)