Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Those Untamely Winter Coats Are Really For

The Winter coat that some horse owners dread.....I am personally in love with. OF course as long as it stays somewhat on the tame side ;). I was puttin' around the barn AGAIN today (as if you could even TRY to keep me away) and decided to spend several long moments grooming. Thunder is the type of horse that starts getting at least a half an inch of furriness around late August. By the end of the season he is a good 2" larger in fluff. So needless to say Spring shedding is a doosey. But I don't mind one bit. Why don't I use a blanket in the winter you might ask? WHY would I.... he's got all he needs from God's great hands to keep him warm. So oh ya back to being at the barn today, I was freezing my little tush off, and here he was this 1000lb animal, completely content with the elements outside. I gave him the biggest hug, you know the horsey bear hug. Wrapped both my arms around his neck, shoved my face in his mane, and gave him a good scratch in the process. Guess what I got in return.... A hug back :). He tucked his nose around my back and rested there for a few minutes, of course until something more exciting popped a leaf blowing hahaha. Now that he is being stalled, I have the luxury of having USUALLY a clean coat. And boy do I enjoy that velvety soft fluff, it's very comforting! So what my story comes down to......"What those untamely winter coats are REALLY for:"

*Keeping me warm.
*Keeping him warm.
*Collecting all that unnecessary dust that floats in the air.
*Keeping him warm.
*Smelling like his own secretions, of course to mark his territory ;)
*Keeping him warm...
*And most definitely for the toning we will be receiving of our arms that he thinks we need, especially at Spring time when he decides he's too hot.
*Oh ya.....and for keeping me warm <3

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