Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Beginning

Well, I am new to the blogging thing, but I thought I would share the beginning of OUR story. Thunder and ME! I had been staring at his picture for weeks on dreamhorse. In my mind he was a gorgeous little mustang gelding. His little face was pulling at me. Finally, I just said I gotta go for it! I emailed the lady to see if he was still available. Sure enough he was, but not for long. In two more days, a guy was going to come out and see him. She said if I came the day before, then he was mine. He was $500 and we drove a total of 4 hours to pick him up, in the late night hours none then less. When we arrived, he was running nuts in the round pen. He was EXTRA skinny even with his winter coat, and honestly looked ragged. He didn't look as healthy as in his ad picture and he was incredibly wormy. Well, we took him home anyways.

This picture was taken the first week we had him. He had bite marks from herd of horses he was with, and halter marks embedded in his face. His hip bones, spine, jaw, ect were showing and had little muscle mass. He was 1 1/2 yrs old. When taken to the vet, he weighed under 600lbs. He was scared of everything, but very curious. I had no idea what I was doing as I was new to horses....

With lots of patience and love, we have grown together. It's only been 4 months now, but it feels like a lifetime. He is being boarded now and is in training once a week. He is growing wonderfully and is considered one of the most sociable horses around! He needs his people to entertain him. He's a brat and a lover. He is the most amazing thing to me right now. I can't wait to see how our future unfolds.


ilovemydun said...

Heeey! So I haven't quite figured this out, and if it tells you when I comment back to your comment, so I decided I'd just come over here and let you know that I replied to your comment on my blog! :D Let me know if it tells you or not :D

ilovemydun said...

Aww, poor thunder :( I'm so glad you got to him first! Who knows what that other guy would have done with him. 600 lbs?!?! Mercedes was like 700-750 when she was that age! HOLY COW! What was that lady feeding him?? He's sooo adorable now! Too bad he's not a study, him and cede would make cute babies! :P HAHA

Free_Spiritd said...

Yes, he was on no pasture with 11 other horses and the people would just throw hay out there and hope that they all ate, except that he was at the bottom of the pecking order, so he probably didnt get much.

Amanda said...

Hi Lacy,
I think it is fantastic you took this mustang on. I wish there was more people like you in this world. Thunder looks like such a character. The fact that you have taken the time to really bond with Thunder has made all the difference.
It is people like you that keep us going at 3-Strikes Ranch where we frequently get mustangs dumped on us.
Keep up the great work.

blackfeatherfarm said...

Good for you to "save" him, as I believe thats what you did. He is adorable, and I will be looking to read more ! Getting a mustang, is something I always wanted to do, I hope that is still in my future.